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Parade of Homes 2013 Installs

Parade of Homes 2013 Installs
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Check out our second and third home installs at the Parade of Homes this year- if you missed the first one you can read that HERE

Whew- we've had a BUSY few weeks. Meeting with designers, owners, builders, and staff to get every last detail perfect... and we've finally done it. We couldn't be more pleased!


If you didn't see our First Install click here to read and see photos!


This last week we installed at our two final homes- the Manor and the Prism houses in the 2013 Parade of Homes here in Columbus, Ohio. I'll break it down by home...


Manor Home:


I've been working hand in hand with the owner for what he and his wife would like done in the home- which, unfortunately, isn't always on par with what the interior designers think would be best. We printed out a few prints for them to hang in their home, but the designers aren't sure they fit. What could they agree on? Our birch trees!


We cut 2 sets of our trees for the home in our 96" tall size that the owner confirmed for us and went to install... bad news is, they were too short! From ceiling to trim the measurements were about 103" tall- which really goes to show that you should measure before ordering decals! We came back to the shop and recut them to install a few days later, and we are so happy we did! We cut them 105" tall so that we had some wiggle room (you can always trim it to fit), and we couldn't be happier! Check out our photos of the installation below.







Prism Home:


This house is still under construction (we hope they get it all done in time!), but thankfully the two rooms we were installing in were mostly finished. For the exercise room we were able to install our workout pack, but not the quotes which we left for them to install later- so no photos of those, sorry! In the theater they chose our Batman and Star Wars designs, but the room is still a bit of a mess. Everything will look much better by the 15th, we can't wait to see them all!









We can't wait to see the homes fully finished and decorated! We are heading in tomorrow to put promotional materials in their garages, so we will try to sneak in and get some pictures for you guys! What do you think, do you love them as much as we do? 

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