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Cinderblock Tips for Wall Decals

Cinderblock Tips for Wall Decals
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Synopsis: Looking for ways to add a wall decal to a cinderblock wall? We've got the tips and tricks here.

Cinder block Tips for Wall Decals

We’re not sure why schools are built from cinder blocks and painted white. This shows very little imagination on the part of the architect and the designer, but who are we to judge when our own little stilettos are gracing faux Pergo floors at the office?

Yes, decals can work on cinder block walls, and they do a fine job of dressing those walls up. We have teachers that add to their classroom every year with another motivational phrase, and school administrators are jumping in on the décor bandwagon and adding school mottos, logos, and the ever popular ‘In this School’ design. We’ve had a hand in installing a few decals on these lovely walls ourselves, and have a few tips up our sleeves to make things easier.

  1. Prep the surface. A quick wipe down with a touch of soap and water to get rid of years of accumulated hand prints, chalk dust (do they use chalk at school anymore?) will do wonders for your decal to adhere.
  2. Try to avoid putting the design where tiny design elements or letters will be in the grout lines if possible.
  3.  Align your design and level it using your handy smart phone before taping it off. If you don’t have an app with a level in it, one of the students will surely have the handy Swiss army knife app on their phones.
  4. If you have a large design, you can cut the taped up design into sections to make it easier to work with.
  5. Remove the backing from the design and tape at a 90 degree angle. The sharp angle makes it easier to release.
  6. Work the design into the wall with the tool that came with the design. Be sure to work it well into the grout lines.
  7. Once you start to peel back the application tape (top layer), you’ll need to pay careful attention to all of those little letters that want to stick to the tape. The walls are likely a glossy surface, so you’ll have to work to get those letters to stay on the wall more than you would a nice flat drywall surface.
  8. Heat is your friend—if you are having trouble working with the vinyl, use a hairdryer to heat the vinyl up and make the adhesive a bit more pliable. It will ‘give’ just a tad and will fit in those grout lines well with a touch of heat.
  9. If possible, try to position the design high enough on the wall that it will stay out of the reach of tiny hands that are itching to try to see what the letters are made.

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Jessica 08-25-2011 07:37 PM
This is a picture of my decal that I ordered. I gave it to my friend at college and she had a friend pass away last year and that was his favorite quote. She loved it so much and it came out perfectly! Thank you so much!!

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