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How to Measure for an Arch Design

How to Measure for an Arch Design
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Synopsis: Have an arch that is in dire need of a wall decal? We take the guesswork (and the geometry) out of the process!

Arches are architectural eye candy. Builders and home owners alike love arched doorways and windows, and those arches add interest to both modern and historic buildings. But how do you dress up an arch if needs a bit of décor? A pithy or poignant wall statement from Trading Phrases is one of the best ways to compliment the arched details.

Types of arches commonly found in the US:

  • Roman—classic semi-circular arch that typifies the general arched style
  • Eyebrow—subtle arch that is created from a partial curve; aka segmental arch

How to measure for your arch:

We need to know the overall height of the arch from the start of the lettering to the very top. Width is the side to side measurement of the design. No fancy geometry necessary!  

Arches are not just for doorways and windows. Add an arch over a bed as an instant headboard, as a subtle ‘frame’ over a favorite piece of artwork or a family photo, or get creative and find a great way to add some arch-itectural interest in your own space!


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Comments on How to Measure for an Arch Design

Melissa Norris 08-20-2011 08:21 PM
You have the most unique products out there, a great way for people to really express their personality. I did an arch design over the door into my living room. It is absolutely perfect!

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