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THUMBS UP To Teachers!

THUMBS UP To Teachers!
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If you are searching for the perfect end of year gift to give your child's teacher- we may have just created the perfect thing! They launched 4 days ago and we've been printing them like crazy!

A teacher is an essential asset in your child's life. During the school year, you depend on the teacher to care for your child while fostering learning and helping your child to develop. Often, this can be a tough job...especially with 20+ children! We come from a family of teachers. They all gush about how much they love their job and they all talk about the end of year teacher gifts that they get (Hint: it is like having two Christmases). Some of the mothers get really creative and some spend way too much money! While it is certainly not expected at all, it is always a nice surprise.

My Aunt was telling me that one year, a few of the moms created a piece of art and had each of the children add their own element to it. She said was the most personal and kindest gift she had ever received. It hangs in her classroom to this day, 15 years later. Hearing this story really inspired me to try to give back to my daughter's teachers every year. In trying to do this, I've found a lot of fabulous ideas (thank you, Pinterest!), but I also came up with one that I think is a winner.





We recently launched our awesome ThumbPRINT guest books! As an alternative to a guest book at an event (ie wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary party, baby shower, etc.), the guests could "sign in" with their finger or thumb print. It also creates an amazing piece of art for the person throwing the event. They are a huge hit and have really inspired me to create more! With this in mind, I thought back to my Aunt's art from each of the students and started brainstorming ideas for a teacher print.




Check out (here) what my designers and I were able to come up with! They are pretty cool and there are more coming! The parents can pitch in to get it or one parent can do it all. Then, just have the children all "print" in. It is a great way to commemorate the year for a lifetime. It's a personal piece of art to display and a wonderful way to get all the children involved.


So please...reward your teachers! They certainly deserve it! What do you think? Do you have any suggestions or ideas for more?



*Art made possible by Jeffrey Meade and Greg Bedalli*

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Comments on THUMBS UP To Teachers!

Leslie Pfab 05-29-2013 08:53 PM
imanginative maybe a hippo, a giraffe...o even a Noah 's Ark
Administrator Note:
Leslie- those are great ideas!!
Hopefully the teacher wouldn't be offended with a hippo, though. ;)
J Pinson 05-22-2013 10:59 PM
I love these! What a great gift for that special teacher!!

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