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Tea and Girl Scout Cookie Pairings

Tea and Girl Scout Cookie Pairings
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Girl Scout cookies will be arriving soon.  Plan your snack attack with our list of Trading Phrases Tea pairings!


Girl Scout Cookie and Tea Pairings
If you're anything like us, you are highly anticipating the arrival of your Girl Scout Cookies!  It's extra exciting this year because there are some new flavors.  While we wait, impatiently, we came up with some great ideas for how to best enjoy our Girl Scout Cookies this year: with Trading Phrases teas, of course!
Stock up on tea now, so you're all ready to go when your favorite girl scout drops off your cookies. Here are the pairings that we recommend: 
Thin Mints
Our Chocolate Mint Tea is the most obvious choice to pair with the classic Thin Mint cookie. Pretty self explanatory!  Also, try our Skinny Tea (get it? Skinny? Thin?) While it probably won't help offset those cookie calories, it is a pleasing green tea flavored with lemon, ginger and stevia. It's also naturally low in caffeine, so it's a great choice for late night snacking.

Samoas/Caramel DeLites

Try our Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Tea when you crack open your (first) box of Samoas It's a black tea that has coconut, toasted coconut flakes, cocoa beans and chocolate shavings for a decadent flavor that will pair perfectly with these cookies. The Maple Walnut Tea is also  a great choice, with it's sweet, nutty flavor and touch of coconut.  

Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches

For an afternoon pick-me-up, try a snack of DoSiDos and Chocolate Chai tea. The chai spices and real chocolate compliment the smooth saltiness of the peanut butter cookie. 
Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties

The Tagalongs are my personal favorite!  I can't wait to try them with some of our Chocolate Latte Tea. Add some steamed milk to this flavorful brew, and you've got grown-up milk and cookies.  


So many of our teas will pair so well with these simple, shortbread cookies.  Dunk your Trefoils in our Raspberry Truffle Tea. It contains real raspberries, candied lemon peel and cocoa powder. Also try our Decaf Earl Gray Cream Tea, or Pomegranate Pear Spice, depending on your mood!


For a taste of summer in the February, enjoy a nice sweet and tart treat of Wild BlueBerry Tea and Lemonade cookies! It also makes a really delicious iced tea. I also think our Black Currant Tea and Tea-tox Tea would be tasty choices!

Savannah Smiles

Enjoy a cup of Relax Tea with these sugary lemon cookies. Chamomile, St. John's Wort and gingko help to relieve the stress and tension of daily life. It's naturally caffeine free, so it's the perfect combo to unwind after a long day.   


You deserve a thank you for everything you do.  Supporting the Girl Scouts is important, so why shouldn't you be rewarded with these fudge and shortbread cookies and a nice cup of Salted Caramel Tea?


Our Salted Dark Chocolate Tea really brings out the peanut butter and chocolate flavors in the Trio cookies.  The tea contains yogurt bits to make it extra creamy, especially when combined with milk.  


New cookies this year!  Try these Toffee-tastic cookies for the first time ever with our Chocolate Toffee Tea. It has toffee bits, hazelnuts, and cocoa for a warm, complex flavor.  Pair that with the crunchy toffee in the cookie, and you'll finish off that box before you know it. 


Another new cookie!  They'll look different, depending on where you live, but they both have the trifecta of chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow. Pair these with our Fireside Retreat Tea for a real campfire feel.  This special tea literally smells like a campfire, as it's pinewood smoked black tea.  If that's a little too adventurous for you, try our Bourbon Chocolate Tea
What's your favorite cookie and tea combo? 
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