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The easiest in cup infuser for loose leaf tea enthusiasts. Features an easy to use, scoop-slide-steep functionality which is easy to load and easy to clean.Constructed of stainless steel with micro holes sized to infuse the finest of teas. The innovative design provides optimum flow for perfect steeping. 

The Micro-peforated design is excellent for keeping leaves out of your tea, allowing plenty of space for your tea to expand resulting in a flavorful cup every time. Save money on tea by skipping the tea bags and using better quality loose leaf tea without the hassle. This infuser is both economical and eco-friendly and a healthier alternative to bleached tea bags.  With it's sleek design and hook handle it can also be used in a tall glass to enhance cold beverages like water or to make iced tea. Try adding herbs or spices to any hot or cold beverage.
Directions:  Simply add tea to the tea infuser stick, place in a tea cup add hot water, and steep. When done, just rinse out the tea infuser stick with water or place in the dishwasher. The smooth stainless steel surface cleans in seconds, giving you more time to relax and drink your favourite tea or beverage. 

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