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We are all about helping you nurture your spirit at home and at work with positive wall art and phrases. We also feel that you should nurture yourself while you're at it. We love tea around our studio and always seem to have a pot or two going when the thermostat dips into the lower digits, and iced blends are lovely when the weather warms up. From robust morning blends to afternoon treats, we use tea to help us power through design sessions and bolster our creativity.

Introducing Trading Phrases tea blends--chocked full of flavor and amazing aromas to help you nurture yourself throughout the day. All of our teas are small batch hand blended creations. Try one of our heady black teas, go green with an herbal mix, or spice things up with a chai or spice blend. We are in love with the amazing aromas and flavors of these tea blends. We think you're going to love them, too! 
Want more ideas, check out some of our favorite tea recipes for lattes, cooking, cocktails, & more!
Please let us know what you think once you've tried our teas! 


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